Here in Spain, nearing the end of the first week of strict lockdown, no walking or exercising outside. Just brief and quick visits to Lidl every few days to buy groceries. 80% or so of people in masks on the street. A few people fully covered with only their eyes showing. Everyone on edge, especially the large elderly community in our small city. Numbers are spiking here and following the trend of Italy. They might have to call in more military. But who knows. People in this city, at least, are obeying the strict lockdown. Not sure it is the same in all the areas of Spain. After Madrid, this region (Barcelona and environment) is the next epicentre.

65 hour work week teaching high school online. So much sitting. Digesting the news over and over. Sometimes it is good to take a break and get the blood moving.

The window washing dance. Marcus Slease.

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