Lifescape by Vicente Huidobro

Landscape and lifescape, how can we know which is which, in other words inside outside, but we like to make the difference, isn’t it important to make the difference? If your outside becomes your inside, or vice versa, well you’re a reversible coat. Do you remember the 80s? I was wearing a bomber style awesome jewel/chain design. One side has more primary colors of red, blue, yellow and orange the other side has …

How is your creationism? So here we are at the end of the world, not far from a medium city, and my outside has become my inside, with the sweating walls, and 20 minutes of writing before my hands become little freezers, arising to peel oranges and stretch on the balcony, the sky without clouds, and soon off for a beach walk, at the end of January the light is different.

How is your lifescape? Here is a poem from Vicente Huidobro, a new kind of surrealism born out of Chile, it is not Pablo Neruda, it is a new kind of creationism, with the great energies that converged upon Paris, with Apollinaire and Reverdy, also Arp and Delauney and Borges.

Lifescape by Vicente Huidobro. Read by Marcus Slease.

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