After my brother Aaron died I went on a road trip with my brothers and sisters. We traveled from Utah to the ocean of California. Along the way we stopped in Hurricane, Utah, a place in southern Utah where we used to live. I lived there mainly for my senior year in high school and then a little after, but the memories are strong. Peaches and pecans. Mowing the grass. Crawdads and irrigation ditches. And much more.
When we stopped there on our road trip to commemorate our brother Aaron, we were gifted some peaches from our former neighbor. But they melted in the back seat.
Here is a story, from my novel manuscript The Autobiography of Don Whiskers. It is based on that life changing road trip that brought a intense awareness of both mortality and vitality.
It is called THE TIGERS
For Aaron Slease (15 December 1982- 7 June 2012)

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