Miles Champion covers Tim Atkins – Petrarch 199

Reminds me of the amazing plays of Kenneth Koch. But with a Tim Atkins twist. It doesn’t get any better than Tim Atkins!!!

Amazing launch of his Petrarch at Rich Mix last Saturday. You can get the magnum opus (plays, poetry, outsider art and more) from Crater Press. Freakin brilliant. NY School Poetry meets British innovative poetry. The finest!!


Here is some info on Tim Atkin’s book from Crater Press:

Crater 27: June 2014. Tim Atkins, Complete Petrarch.

All of Petrarch translated / transfigured / transplanted by Tim Atkins – a hallucinogenic, euphoric striptease of a traductory odyssey. 550 odd pages of pure lyric gold. [Not letterpressed.] £16 + p&p

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