(after Ginsberg)
America I am putting my pursy lips
to the wheel
America go to bed
dream new dream
America none of this
means anything
America I’ve got
your booty
in my laundry bag
America my potatoes
are puffy, cloudy, sexy
America I have
a queer head a queer
shoulder a queer toe
a queer knee
when are you coming
to save me
America will you kneed
me like
sour dough
America from your offices
of gloom into
Britannia offices
of doom oh
America I am like you
a tragic flaw
on a train
to nowhere
where Constitutional
lost & hard
at sea
America the man
ain’t coming
from sky
America bent down
withered Promethean
urge with milk
& creamy eggs
America I do not
rejoice in yr lamb
the impeachable
smart drone
dirty bombs
on & on
things that can’t be
and is
and isn’t

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