Dani Sandal’s Sacrificing Billy


1) As part of the mother’s mother family wisdom a baby boy has a slipknot around his ankle and tied to the cribpost

2) Claude and Nellie are the baby’s parents

3) Claude lusted over Nellie when she was milking a heifer

4) Nellie’s mum whooped on Claude for something called bird-dogging

5) Claude liked a small hole that made a white sphere in Nellie’s stockings

6) Claude liked the way Nellie pulled on the teats of the heifer

7) Claude courted Nellie with ham hock and wild flowers

8) Nellie was swollen and auctioned off by her father at age 15

9) Claude brought ham hocks and wild flowers to Nellie’s mother as a kind of dowry

10) One day Claude untied the rope around the baby boys ankle

Something goes very very wrong . .

read it with your body here:


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