The first section of Godzenie is called Wonderland. I have found a new way in. Revised completely. Four years ago I started working on Wonderland in Korea and now bears very little resemblance to that manuscript. The other sections written in Poland are also radically reworked. However, the Polish sections still bear the seeds (and many poems have not changed since I came to London).

I think I need some stability and calm to write and hear myself write.

I am currently considering going into technical writing. Stable. perhaps sometimes boring. But stable. A counter pose to my other writings or perhaps even a potential influence. I am attracted to the idea of scrubbing down the language and keeping the complexity. Not instrumental (perhaps the main difference between technical writing and poetry) but some shared aesthetics.

There is one of those big software companies in Galway that often looks for an entry level technical writer. Ireland could be a good next move (although not for a while). I am starting to get more comfortable (overall) in London, especially since there is some great energy with the readings and future poetry klatch meetings.

My room is super clean. dusted. vacuumed. The kitchen and toilet are sparkling. That makes me happy. Now I feel ready for a writing day tomorrow. More work on the Wonderland section of Godzenie. It is turning into a love poem to Rumi (who happens to be French). There are goshiwons and communal showers and some homoerotic suggestions. Fire chicken keeps making an appearance. Wonderland is taking me into new directions. Writing from the outside. Dictation. Orpheus. The radio.

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