Cortez the killer

Graded 44 essays for my existentialism class (a freshman seminar). The essays were on free will (since existentialism hinges on complete free will and responsibility. You can’t be responsible for actions/choices unless you have free will). Most of the students believed they had very limited free will. The few that believed in free will took the patriotic line. one began: “For centuries man has fought for freedom. Today is no different. After the terrorists attack of September 11th George Bush began the forever battle for freedom.” AGH!!!!

Many students who did not believe in free will thought they were clever in saying the do not have free will because they are writing a paper on free will they don’t want to write.

There were a few good papers. The good ones talked about how free will can lead to limiting your free will but this does not negate free will in itself.

I want security (a job I enjoy with a wee bit of money) with novelty (always searching and curious). This teaching gig is only a one year deal. I am not willing to play the get published in boring big clout journals for a university job. It’s possible to not sell out and teach at a university. But it seems difficult. Very few universities that aren’t part of the AWP marketing machine.

Although so far I’ve enjoyed teaching. As long as I don’t let the guilt get me. Guilt for writing when I could be doing more (there’s always more) preparation for teaching.

I thinking maybe a private secondary school job might be good.

OK here comes Cortez the killer. Time to do some drafting.

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